What can we do for you?

We can monitor your (hazardous) goods in unpowered transport units which means constant follow up.

How does it work?

Sensors capture the critical data on temperature, pressure, shocks etc.

All information is sent to the Ovinto Sat® Monitoring System. At the same time the exact location is determined via GPS technology. Regardless its location on the globe, the Ovinto Sat® Monitoring System is always able to communicate its gathered data via the LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Globalstar satellite network with some 50 satellites covering the world.

All data is immediately transferred, via encrypted satellite communication, to the highly secured Ovinto® Servers from where it can be relayed, in the proprietary format, to the customer.

We use satellite communication instead of GSM/GRRS

This allows communication in locations where there is no or limited traditional telecom coverage.


Ovinto Sat Monitoring Services uses satellite communications instead of GSM/GPRS/SMS communication.


Ovinto Sat uses 2 types of satellite networks:

– GPS satellite network: the Ovinto Sat® device uses a GPS module
   to define its location on the globe.

– Globalstar communication network: all gathered data is
   communicated via the LEO Globalstar satellite network towards
   the Ovinto® Servers.

A typical monitoring functionality

The company with the assets has the business!

Highest certified system:


Ex II 2GD Ex d IIC T6

Ex tD A21 IP65 T85°C

following R&TTE directive        0560

1999/5/EC, Annex IV

EN 300 440 – 2

EN 301 441

301 489 – 1

EN 301 489 – 3

EN 301 489 – 20

EN 60950 – 1

EN 60950 – 1/A1

EN 60950 – 1/A11

EN 60950 – 1/A12

EN 61000-6-2

EN 62479

Maritime Environment

EN 60945

Rail environment

EN 50121-4

Including FCC ID: L2V-STX2-1

Including IC ID: 3989A – STX21

UL (USA/Canada/Brazil)


Receive your critical data where you want,
when you want and in the format you want.