Ovinto® grew out of a long experience in telematics that took origin in the waste sector more than ten years ago to measure and weigh the amount of produced garbage in refuse containers to implement a ‘polluter pays’ waste management. This resulted in the creation of a new company in 2005 with a focus on the tracking and tracing of vehicles such as trucks and cars.


Amongst the customers were companies like MAN truck & Bus, Société Générale Equipment and Financing, European News Courrier…The focus within the company shifted gradually towards equipment, machinery and unpowered assets like yachts, trailers, containers and wagons with customers like Securitas, Technocon, Geotraceur,  Rietveld, Rail Service Net.


Together with this shift came a stronger emphasis on telemetry to measure much more than position alone. Customers needed to know about engine hours, fluid levels, temperature, pressure, shocks etc… which made us define our core business as ‘To measure is to know and more important…To let you know’.


Indeed that is what we do; we remotely monitor processes or goods and supply you with the critical data in the format of your choice. Our continuous specialization led to the development of our own  and worldwide unique Ovinto Sat Monitoring device in 2010-2011 enabling us to monitor extremely hazardous materials in unpowered transport units. We realized to obtain the highest ATEX explosion safety standards possible and proved the quality of our technology monitoring tank wagons and tank containers carrying Ethylene Oxide for the company INEOS Oxide since may 2011.