Monitoring of hazardous goods in unpowered transport units

How to stay connected with your unpowered containers and wagons, in regions whitout or unreliable telecom coverage?

How to receive a status update every 2 hours...for more than 4 years without changing or recharging the batteries?

How to monitor your goods in a zone 1 explosive environment?

Ovinto Sat® Monitoring Services

Knowing that thousands of unpowered transport units are forgotten, lost, stolen… representing a cost instead of a benefit. Knowing that calamities happen because of ‘not knowing’ the change in parameters, ‘not knowing’ the critical conditions… representing unacceptable  and unjustifiable costs, even the loss of lives!


Ovinto Sat® Monitoring Services reduce the cost of ownership and operating cost while increasing the economic lifecycle without putting security at stake.


To measure is to know and more important…to let you know!